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Posted on
7 Sep 2013


Professional bike mechanics in store, fixing bikes, building bikes, seven days a week.

We offer a range of service packages which we have listed here. If you require a quote for a specific job such as suspension service, brake bleed, etc. Please pop into the store or give us a call to discuss.

Service Packages

Check over service $60 + parts

Perfect for non-geared kids bikes, BMX and Track Bikes that are currently in good condition and just need some fine adjustment.
Check and Tighten all Bolts

  • Adjust Brake Pads
  • Tension Chain
  • Tyres Checked and Inflated
  • 25 Point Safety Check

Basic Service $80 + parts

Your bike is already in pretty good shape but needs a few things looked at. Great to do before a race or event. Our experts will return it to you dialed for safe, reliable performance. Service includes...

  • · Check and tighten all bolts including Crank/BB check
  • · Adjust brake pads
  • · Tighten brake cables
  • · Adjust gears
  • · Drive-train wear checked
  • · Lubricate chain and cables
  • · Check spokes and true minor buckles (wheel stays on bike)
  • · Headset checked
  • · Basic Clean/ Degrease
  • · Tyre pressures checked

Full Service $130 + parts

Your bicycle has not seen a mechanic in the last 6-12 months. We will make sure it's running smoothly and with great longevity. Great if you are needing a chain or cassette replaced. Your bike will be clean, adjusted professionally and ready to go! Service includes...

  • · Basic Service, plus;
  • · Wheels removed and trued
  • · Brake surface cleaned
  • · Drive train degreased
  • · Bike thoroughly cleaned/washed
  • · Brake pads de-glazed
  • · Parts installed
  • · Cranks Removed and BB serviced

Premium Service $180-$250 + parts*

Your bike needs some serious TLC, and you want the royal treatment. Your bike will be stripped down to the frame, with every part cleaned, greased and reinstalled. Please book ahead as this service will take 3-4 hours. Service includes...

  • · Full Service, plus;
  • · Bike stripped to bare frame
  • · All parts degreased, cleaned and lubricated
  • · Hubs checked /serviced
  • · Headset overhauled
  • · Bottom Bracket overhauled
  • · Dual Suspension Bikes: Suspension linkages/pivots stripped and rebuilt
  • · Mountain Bikes: Suspension Set-up.
  • · Mountain & Cyclo-Cross Bikes: Rotors cleaned and straightened

*Price varies depending on the style of bike.