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Joe's Eco Sealant conversion kit contains the new generation of sealants: it is latex free, ammonium free and protein free. That means it's suitable for people with allergy and sensitivity to latex and protein and for sensitive rims and tires. It seals holes up to 6 mm and seals wall bleeding (air leak from the thin side walls).

Tubeless System is the most important upgrade available for a dedicated cyclist.
Benefits of tubeless system are:
•When using a converting system you save hundreds of dollars in comparison with dedicated tubeless system.
•Reducing weight where it's most important- at the outside of the wheel.
•Better protection against flats and no snake bites (pinch flats).
•Decrease of rolling resistance- that means you go faster with less effort.
•It is possible to ride with reduced air pressure in the tires to increase traction with no fear of snake bites.

Tubeless technology is not the future – it's the present!

Product Details

  • Available in XC, XC Narrow and All Mountain Widths


Fits NARROW XC and CX rims, 26" and 29" 15-17 mm inner rim width. Color coded WHITE. Joe's Tubeless Rim Strips are specifically designed to secure the tire inside the rim, with no loss of air from the rim. Weight 45 grams per strip including valve. Fits rims with FRENCH/PRESTA valve hole openings.
This kit contains all you need to convert two 26" or 29" standard mountain rims and tires to tubeless and keep you riding tubeless for years:

•240 ml Joe's Eco Sealant, with micro-sealing particles.
•2 High quality rubber tubeless strips with integrated presta valves with removable cores.
•1 Presta valve adaptor, for easy inflation.
•1 Spare presta valve core.
•1 Roll nylon rim tape for 2 wheels.
•Detailed Installation Instructions, easy step by step explanations, with photographs, available in 7 languages.

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