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Deca Drive Video 1 Deca Drive Video 2 Lezyne Deca Drive - 900 Lumens of Visibility
The Lezyne Deca Drive is designed with a sleek CNC-sculpted aluminum body in a compact, self-contained configuration. It features Constant Lumens power management that drives three LEDs at a steady and bright 900 lm. Overdrive Race Mode makes it possible for quick switching between Overdrive and Economy, and its Infinite Light design allows for on-demand battery replacement. The Intelligent Power Indicator button allows the user to check the power level any time. It is recharged either with fast, high efficiency, 2 Amp recharging with a compatible wall adaptor, or via a Micro USB cable for ultimate convenience. The Deca Drive’s Composite Matrix hard mounts secure the light to 31.8 mm and 25.4 mm handlebars.

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  • Brand: Lezyne
  • Category: Bike Lights
  • Colour: Black
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