Morgan Blue Quick & Clean Brush

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Yet another amazing product from the masters at Morgan Blue. It might be hard to get excited about a cleaning brush, but when you see what the Quick and Clean Brush does, you'll realize what you've been missing. The bristles are placed on a bendable wire form that fits in hard to reach places, like between your cassette and spokes, frame chainstays, brakes and every other nook and cranny that you need to clean.

Soft bristles will not scratch or harm frame paint or anodized parts and does a great job of agitating dirt and debris that leaves your bike spic and span. This brush is used by every major Pro team mechanic in Europe, bar none. If you have a home shop or even a professional shop, get yours today.

•Pliable and bendable wire frame
•Solid and comfortable handle
•Non-damaging bristles
•Cleans hard to reach areas
•Used by all major Pro Teams

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