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Bike Cream is recommended as the preferred wet film drivetrain lubricant for endurance road riding, for commuter bikes or use in very cold riding conditions.

Bike Cream lubricant formulation penetrates efficiently to coat and protect the inside and outside surfaces of the chain. This means the chain runs smooth and quiet over long distance road riding conditions.

Bike Cream is better than all the other wet fluid chain lubes because it:
◦Effectively penetrates, coats and protects for reliable performance.
◦Leaves a protective fluid coating on the inside and outside surfaces of the chain rollers, pins and plates.
◦Is exceptionally good for chain protection during and after wet rides.
◦Can be applied immediately before riding.
◦Works well in very cold conditions.
◦Mix in any ratio with BIKE MILK (clean-dry-film) to make customised lubricant BIKE MIX e.g. 1:4 Bike Cream:Bike Milk for endurance MTB events.
◦Non-flammable for easier transport and storage.
◦Available in 115ml and economical 900ml workshop pack.
◦Proudly created and made in Australia.

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